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Hövding is the biggest thing since the emergence of the cycle helmet and, as a milestone, is equivalent to when the airbag was developed for cars

Maria Krafft, PhD, Associate Professor, Head of Division Traffic Safety & Environment at the Swedish insurance company Folksam.

I have spent much of my professional life working on product safety at national and international level and I have never seen a cycle helmet that provided anything like the level of protection that the Hövding provides.

Stig Håkansson, former Director of Product Safety at the Swedish Consumer Agency


Airbag for cyclists

Hövding is an airbag cycle helmet, providing the best shock absorption in the world. The airbag also protects more of the cyclist´s head compared to traditional helmets.

Behind the product lie seven years of development, in partnership with experts on cycling head injuries, airbag technology, mathematics and crash tests.

Hövding is CE marked after undergoing and the helmet complies with the requirements laid down in the EU Directive for personal protection equipment.

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Hövding proved to have more than three times better shock absorbance capacity than all other helmets in the Swedish insurance company Folksam´s test in 2012.

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Documentary about Hövding

The three-minute short film about the Hövding made by documentary filmmaker Fredrik Gertten, has now been seen over 12 million times.

Guerilla event at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm

A guerilla event was performed during Fashion Week in Stockholm with live crashes with stunt riders from Stuntgruppen.

index awward winner11

Hövding wins world largest design award

The INDEX:Awards focus on design to improve life and are presented every year in five categories, with a total value of EUR 5000,000. 2011 year's five winners were selected from almost 1,000 nominees by an international jury of leeding designers, innovators, entrepreneurs and academics from around the world. The other winners came from Chile, India, Korea and USA/Mexico.


Hövding in the Oprah blog

Oprah Winfrey blogs about Hövding in Life Lift – the OPRAH Blog:"The Cyclist's Dream: No More Helmet Head".

Sales launch and fashion show in Sergels torg, Stockholm

The longed-for sales launch and Hövding's world premiere was celebrated with a fashion show in Stockholm's Sergels Torg and a following VIP party in DesignTorget's store.


Letter from Berlin

The other day we received a letter by mail, that gave us goosebumps all over. The letter is written by a German girl who was in a serious bike accident and was saved from head injury thanks to Hövding. "Thank you! This great invention saved my life!"

Hövding best by far in Folksam's cykle helmet test

Swedish insurance company Folksam just published the results of a large test of cycle helmets performed during the spring. Folksam chose to test 13 cycle helmets for adults using more rigorous tests than required by law. Hövding proved to have more than three times better shock absorption than traditional helmets in the impact test.

Hövding to represent Sweden in European Business Awards

The prestigious competition European Business Awards has announced that Hövding is to represent Sweden in the 2013/14 Awards programme. Hövding is selected to compete in the RSM International Entrepreneur of the Year category, through the founders Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin.


Hövding's first magazine cover: Cake & Whiskey

We proudly present our first magazine cover for lifestyle magazine Cake & Whiskey.

Founders Anna and Terese speaks at TEDxCibeles in Madrid

In the spirit of TED's mission, "Ideas worth spreading", TEDx is a program of local, independently organized TED events. TED and TEDx are highly succesful world'wide concepts that allow the greatest minds and best speakers to present their ideas in a creative and audience friendly way. Founders Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin were one of twelve speakers at TEDx Cibeles in Madrid, one of the ten biggest TEDx events in the world. Read more here: